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Dell KACE en Bomgar bieden klanten gratis geïntegreerde externe ondersteuning

Dell KACE en Bomgar bieden klanten gratis geïntegreerde externe ondersteuning

Dell KACE en Bomgar bieden klanten met Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance vanaf nu twee gratis licenties aan voor Bomgar’s Hosted Remote Support of On-premice Support. Met de integratie van Bomgar’s oplossingen zullen Dell KACE-gebruikers in staat zijn om sneller problemen vast te stellen en op te lossen, ondersteunende processen te centraliseren, beveiliging en compliance te verbeteren. Bovendien kunnen gebruikers direct externe ondersteuning van een service desk inschakelen. Dit geldt voor alle landen waar Dell KACE en Bomgar actief zijn, onder andere voor Nederland en België.

Als onderdeel van het licentieaanbod van Dell KACE K1000 Management Applicance kunnen klanten kiezen uit twee gratis gehoste licenties, twee standaard of grootzakelijke licenties. De opties bieden klanten externe ondersteuning voor vrijwel elk apparaat of platform – inclusief Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android en Blackberry. Hierdoor kunnen technici problemen sneller en effectiever opsporen en oplossen. Het licentieaanbod zal bij bestaande en nieuwe Dell KACE-klanten uitgerold worden, die ook nieuwe Bomgar-klanten zijn.

Klanten die kiezen voor Dell KACE en Bomgar’s Hosted Remote Support-oplossing krijgen de mogelijkheid voor uitgebreide externe controle en ondersteuning voor bijna elk systeem binnen of buiten hun netwerk. Daarnaast kunnen zij ook toegang krijgen tot onbemande systemen die beheerd worden door een Dell KACE Appliance. Bomgar’s On-premise Support is een oplossing met complete functionaliteit die achter de firewall en beveiligingsinstellingen van de gebruiker geplaatst wordt. De oplossing biedt de gebruiker totale controle over alle belangrijke gegevens en complete toegang tot het systeem.

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Dell KACE and Bomgar Offer Free Integrated Remote Support to Customers

·         Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance customers will receive two free licenses for either Bomgar’s hosted Remote Support solution or Bomgar’s on-premise solution which requires purchase of an appliance (new Bomgar customers only)
·         KACE K1000 users can leverage this integrated solution to strengthen compliance, improve service levels and centralize support processes

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Dell KACE and Bomgar announced today an offer for Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance customers that will give new Bomgar customers two free Bomgar remote support licenses worth several thousand dollars through either a hosted solution or via a purchase of Bomgar’s on-premise appliance. With the Bomgar integration, Dell KACE users will be able to more quickly diagnose and resolve end-user issues, centralize support processes, and strengthen security and compliance. In addition, users can request immediate remote support directly from a service desk ticket confirmation email.

“We’ve experienced tremendous success from our partnership with Bomgar. Our combined integration helps customers improve service levels, strengthen compliance and boost overall efficiency,” said Ken Sims, vice president of sales for Dell KACE. “The free license offer is a great option for Dell KACE customers who want to experience the benefits of this integration and further demonstrates our commitment to helping IT managers streamline their IT environment.” 

As part of the license offer Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance customers will be able to choose from two of Bomgar’s integrated offerings – two free hosted licenses or two free standard or enterprise licenses with the purchase of Bomgar’s on-premise appliance (new Bomgar customers only). Both options let users provide remote support to nearly any device or platform—including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and BlackBerry—allowing technicians to diagnose and resolve issues more quickly and effectively. The license offer will be rolled out for existing and new KACE customers who are new Bomgar customers in all countries where both Dell KACE and Bomgar have a presence.

Dell KACE Remote Support Integration Options

Customers who choose the Dell KACE and Bomgar hosted remote support option will gain the ability to provide comprehensive remote control and support to nearly any system inside or outside of their network, including the ability to access unattended systems that are managed by a Dell KACE Appliance. Support representatives will also be able to start remote support sessions directly from Dell KACE service desk tickets, which are automatically updated with details and activity reports from the Bomgar session. Other remote support features include file transfer, live chat, presentation and training tools, and the ability for reps to work with each other in a single session. 

The Bomgar on-premise appliance is Bomgar’s full-featured solution that sits behind the users’ own firewall and security settings, ensuring total control over sensitive data and system access. With the on-premise appliance, users can securely invite multiple reps and even external vendors into a remote support session to collaborate on complex issues. In addition, IT support teams can access unattended systems not managed by their Dell KACE Appliance via Bomgar Jump Clients. The Bomgar appliance also includes additional security features, such as 50-plus granular representative permissions that can be set by individual or team, video recordings of all remote support sessions, and the ability to archive session data.

“The Bomgar solution provides the most robust remote support capabilities on the market while ensuring our customer’s data and systems stay completely secure,” said Russ Duffey, vice president, business development and strategic alliances for Bomgar. “We’re taking IT support to the next level through our partnership and integration with Dell KACE by centralizing support processes and information, increasing efficiency and enhancing the overall end-user experience.”
“With the Dell KACE and Bomgar integration, the IT support process becomes less cumbersome with the ability to see the remote end user’s screen, making it much easier to identify and fix their problems,” said James Riggins, director of information technology at Cancer Care Center. “The integrated solutions allow us to provide support in a safe and secure way to systems both in-house and on the road.”

About Dell
Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. Dell provides system-management solutions for customers of all sizes and system complexity. The
award-winning Dell KACE family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive, and affordable systems management capabilities for organizations of all sizes. For more information, visit or follow the conversation at @DellKACE.

About Bomgar
Bomgar provides remote support solutions for easily and securely supporting computing systems and mobile devices. The company’s appliance-based products help organizations improve tech support efficiency and performance by enabling them to securely support nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world — including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and more. More than 6,500 organizations across 65 countries have deployed Bomgar to rapidly improve customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing costs. Bomgar is privately held with offices in Jackson, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Paris and London. You can find Bomgar on the web at, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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