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Startupbootcamp Israel: een nieuwe dimensie voor Tech Starters

Startupbootcamp, het pan-Europese startup accelerator programma, breidt uit naar Israel. In de Noordisraëlische stad Haifa zal het drie maanden durende accelerator programma gaan lopen van 10 december 2012 tot 13 maart 2012. Haifa is de belangrijkste tech hub in Israel en heeft tevens een goed ondernemersklimaat. Grote bedrijven zoals Google, Microsoft, Apple en Intel hebben daar onder andere hun R&D centers gevestigd.

Het programma in Haifa zal onder leiding staan van Paul-Rene Albertini en Shahar Namer, oprichters van Startupbootcamp Israel. Paul-Rene en Shahar zijn beide ook betrokken bij Sushi Venture Partners, een van de belangrijkste aandeelhouders van Startupbootcamp Israel.

Met Haifa als laatste toevoeging aan het Startupbootcamp programma draait het succesvolle accelerator programma nu al in 5 steden, waaronder Amsterdam, Berlijn, Dublin en Kopenhagen.

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Press Release

Startupbootcamp Israel adds new dimension for tech start-ups

Paul-Rene Albertini and Shahar Namer bring tech accelerator programme to Haifa

Haifa, 20 August 2012 – Startupbootcamp, the pan-European start-up accelerator programme, announces its expansion to Israel. The northern Israeli city Haifa will host the three-month accelerator programme from 10 December 2012 till 13 March 2013. Start-ups can apply now on Haifa is the latest tech cluster to feature as a Startupbootcamp destination. Other locations currently include Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Startupbootcamp is a highly selective mentorship-driven three-month programme. Teams are given micro seed funding of €15.000, free co-working space, free software and access to over 80 mentors including serial entrepreneurs, investors and corporate managers. The programme concludes on Investor Demo Day where teams present their companies to some of Europe’s most active business angels and venture capitalists.

Israel, a global technology leader

Israel’s technology sector is well established. It features the highest percentage of engineers per capita alongside world-class companies with impressive track-records developing innovative tech products for both consumers and enterprise. This includes technologies & products in common use today such as firewalls, anti-virus, zip compression, instant messaging, VoIP and the mobile phone to name a few.

The programme in Haifa will be headed by Paul-Rene Albertini and Shahar Namer, founders of Startupbootcamp Israel. Paul-Rene is Chairman at Sushi Venture Partners, one of the main stakeholders of Startupbootcamp Israel. Sushi Venture Partners provides seed investments for companies and teams that focus on digital products and technologies.

Haifa is the lead choice for Startupbootcamp Israel’s first programme. “We are excited to be launching here. Haifa produces the highest number of engineers in Israel and has R&D Centers of major corporations including Google, Microsoft, Apple and Intel. These companies will play an increasingly important role as we continue to expand our network of mentors and contacts,” according to co-founder Paul-René Albertini. “Launching Startupbootcamp in Haifa will create a significant impact on the entire technology ecosystem here, and it is well placed to become the leading accelerator programme in northern Israel.”

Startupbootcamp Israel plans to stimulate cross-pollination between Israeli and international start-ups. This is expected to foster a global network of startup founders, mentors and investors in Israel. “There is an urgent need to fill a value creation gap locally by starting a acceleration programme. We believe that the international character of Startupbootcamp will help us catch the investors’ eyes for the innovative Israeli start-up environment,” says Paul-Rene Albertini.

About Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp (or “SBC”) is a start-up accelerator with a mentor and alumni network from 30+ countries across the globe. The acceleration program offers startups a chance to get intense exposure over the course of three months to industry experts who are available as mentors to startups as needed. Bundled with seed investment, free co-working space and plenty of sponsor deals, start-ups typically boast years of results in 3 short months. At the end of the programme, start-ups present at Investor Demo Day and over 50% have gone on to receive additional funding. The programme currently runs quarterly during the year in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Dublin and only selects 10 startups to fund each cycle.

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Shahar Namer – Co-founder Startupbootcamp Israel

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