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AVM at Anga Cable 2012

New FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable – WLAN for all with a cable connectionFRITZ!Box 6360 Cable: Stiftung Warentest Docsis test winner

  • New FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable for WLAN and telephony at every cable connection
  • FRITZ!Box 6360 – best Docsis appliance in router comparison conducted by Stiftung Warentest
  • FRITZ!OS for more connection possibilities and more access on the go
  • Home networking and intelligent Smart Home applications with FRITZBox Cable
  • More telephony via cable: IP phones, smartphones, DECT and apps
Berlin/Cologne. AVM will be using its stand at Anga Cable 2012 to focus on new products and innovations for cable connections and home networking. The Berlin-based communications specialist will, for example, be showcasing its new FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable, an attractive and innovative starter model featuring WLAN and telephony. With the FRITZ!Box, users get more for their money than with conventional cable modems and they can continue using their existing network devices right from the start. And with the versatile FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable, AVM will be presenting one of the most successful cable products. In the latest router test conducted by the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest, the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable was voted best Docsis product, with the score “good” (1.7). For more home networking and Smart Home functions at the cable connection, AVM will present new products based on the successful technologies WLAN, Ethernet, DECT and Powerline. And with FRITZ!OS 5.2x, AVM demonstrates its new cross-platform firmware with numerous new performance features in all things WLAN, telephony and NAS. The interaction with smartphones and tablets has also been expanded.

WLAN for all – the new FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable
The new, attractive FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable starter model offers in its capacity as a complete router fast WLAN N with speeds of 300 Mbit/s (2.4 or 5 GHz) and 4-port gigabit Ethernet. Ports for the connection of two analog end devices round off the range of features. FRITZ!App enables smartphones to be used to make calls over the cable connection and the integrated cable modem supports the EuroDocsis 3 cable standard with speeds of up to 220 Mbit/s. Like all FRITZ!Box models for cable connections, the new FRITZ!Box fully supports the IPv6 Internet protocol. The new FRITZ!Box 6340 Cable is available now from selected suppliers.

Stiftung Warentest names FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable best Docsis appliance
One of the most popular products among cable users has now been acknowledged by Stiftung Warentest. In a comparison of 12 routers, the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable tested as the best Docsis appliance, with the score “good.” It was beaten only by the overall test winner – the FRITZ!Box 7390. The FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable is equipped with all the convenient features of AVM’s top models. Fast WLAN N, four gigabit Ethernet ports and USB 2.0 guarantee optimum network connections. Ports for cordless phones and the integrated telephone system round off the comprehensive range of features.

FRITZ!OS – the new firmware for FRITZ!Box with the new MyFRITZ! service
AVM is introducing a particular innovation – FRITZ!OS. The cross-platform firmware for all current FRITZ!Box models provides regular new functions for home network use to keep pace with technological developments. For instance, the FRITZ!OS 5.2x firmware offers a whole host of features in all things WLAN, telephony and NAS. The interaction with smartphones and tablets has also been expanded, meaning access is granted on the go, too. One of the highlights is the new MyFRITZ! Service, AVM’s simple and secure solution to the personal FRITZ!Box. Any photos, music and files stored on it can be accessed from absolutely anywhere. The ability of FRITZ!OS to synchronize with online phone directories from Google, GMX and web.de constitutes another innovation. (Internal press release: “FRITZ!OS – the new firmware for FRITZ!Box”)

Now Smart Home also available for cable
At Anga Cable, AVM will be premiering its intelligent Smart Home applications and presenting product innovations that use the successful technologies WLAN, Ethernet, DECT and Powerline for home networking and Smart Home. FRITZ!Powerline 546E combines power line communication with WLAN and two LAN connections, while the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 230 offers improved DECT range when using the phone. For Smart Home use, both innovative products also feature an intelligent socket. This can be operated via desktop computers, phones, smartphones and tablets, even on the go. Further intelligent features like automatic recognition of connected devices on standby, and the calendar function with daylight and nighttime settings, demonstrate the breadth of the possibilities in connecting home network and Smart Home. (Internal press release: “More home networking and Smart Home capabilities from cable connections”)

More home networking at the cable connection
Customers with a broadband connection want to integrate all relevant network devices as simply as possible – and the FRITZ!Box models for the cable connection are perfect for doing just that. Photos, music, videos and other files can be used from across the entire network thanks to the integrated NAS (network-attached storage) functionality. USB devices such as storage media and printers can also be incorporated through printer and media servers – even when the computer is not running. Online storage capabilities can be seamlessly integrated thanks to WebDAV support. The FRITZ!Box user interface makes network storage capabilities and other functions easy to use and manage (simply type “fritz.box” into the browser). (Internal press release: “More home networking and Smart Home capabilities from cable connections”)

Smartphones, tablets, multimedia and NAS for cable connections
The use of smartphones at home is becoming more and more popular. Surfing or checking e-mail via a broadband cable connection is possible at noticeably higher speeds. WLAN and cable connections are also ideal for uploading photos and videos to Facebook or YouTube. And with FRITZ!App, iPhones and Android smartphones can be used to make calls over the cable connection, too. They also connect with each other via WLAN with the FRITZ!Box. Further FRITZ!Box functions, such as a phone directory, answering machine and call history, are also available for smartphones with FRITZ!App. With the integrated NAS (network-attached storage) functionality, the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable in combination with an external USB storage facility makes photos, music, videos and other files available across the entire network.

Demonstrations of all FRITZ!Box Cable products can be seen at the AVM stand at Anga Cable, Cologne, 06/12–06/14/2012, stand Q10, hall 10.1. 

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